Technical Program (Preliminary)

Plenary Themes

  • Breakthroughs in economic geology
  • Integrating geology, geochemistry, and geophysics
  • Integrating mineral and petroleum systems approaches to sedimentary basins
  • Implications for society

Technical Themes

  • Precious metals: Au, Ag, PGE
  • Base metals: Cu, Zn, Ni, Pb
  • Infrastructure metals: Fe, Al, Mn
  • Technology and energy metals and minerals: Co, Li, U, REE
  • Looking to the future: What’s next?

Invited Talks

Plenary Sessions

Discovery of the Tara deep Zn-Pb mineralization at the Boliden Tara mine, Navan, Ireland, utilizing seismic surveys

John H. Ashton, Alastair Beach, Robert J. Blakeman, David Coller, Paul Henry, Rowan Lee, Murray Hitzman, Charles Hope, Simon Huleatt-James, Brendan O’Donovan, and Michael E. Philcox

3D uncertainty in contrasting geological scenarios

Mark Jessell, Evren Pakyuz-Charrier, Mark Lindsay, and Jeremie Giraud

Integrating geological, geophysical and isotopic data to map deep crustal and upper mantle structures in regional mineral exploration targeting

Lyal B. Harris and N. Cleven

Improved targeting with smarter integration

Craig Hart

The power of a systems approach to minerals and petroleum exploration in sedimentary basins

Cam McCuaig and co-authors

Carlin-type mineralization in a sequence stratigraphic context

Kevin Bohacs and Richard Chuchla

Fault-controlled fluid flow in sediment-hosted mineral deposits

John J. Walsh, J. Guven, R. Kyne, K. Torremans, and C. Bonson

Spatial periodicity in self-organized critical ore systems

Nicholas Hayward and Raphael Doutre

Mineral exploration footprints project—overview

Michael Lesher, Mark Hannington, and Alan Galley

Data integration methodologies and workflows

Leonardo Feltrin, John McGaughey, and William Morris

Exploration footprint of the Canadian Malartic disseminated gold deposit

Stéphane Perrouty, Robert Linnen, and Gema Olivo

Exploration footprint of the McArthur River and Millennium unconformity uranium deposits

Ken Wasyliuk, Kevin Ansdell, and Kurt Kyser

Exploration footprint of the Highland Valley porphyry copper deposit

Robert Lee, Peter Hollings, Craig Hart, and Sarah Gleeson

Technical Sessions

Exploration success: Strategic elements, technology and innovation

François Robert and Rob Krcmarov

The northern limb of the Bushveld Complex: A new economic frontier

Judith A. Kinnaird and Iain McDonald

Magmatic and tectonic constraints on the formation of the unique PGE-Cu-Ni Norilsk deposits, Siberian Trap province

Nadezhda A. Krivolutskaya, Anton V. Latyshev, Alexander A. Dolgal, Bronislav I. Gongalsky, Elena M. Makarieva, Alexander A. Makariev, Yana V. Bychkova, and Tamara I. Vekshina

Anhydrite assimilation by Bushveld ultramafic melts and its ore-petrological consequences

Marina A. Yudovskaya, Sergey F. Sluzhenikin, Gabi Costin, Konstantin N. Shatagin, Elena O. Dubinina, Danie F. Grobler, Henriette Ueckermann, and Judith A. Kinnaird

Impact of exhalative hydrothermal systems on marine chemistry: Applications for ore genesis and mineral exploration

Poul Emsbo (USGS)

Regional- to district-scale controls on base metal mineralization in the Kalahari Copperbelt, Botswana defined by detailed lithostratigraphy and magnetic lithostratigraphy

Wesley S. Hall, Catherine Knight, David J. Catterall, Clemens Augenstein, Brett M. Davies, John Deane, Batanani Muyoba, Oarabile Disang, Yaoguo Li, M. Stephen Enders, and Murray W. Hitzman

Cerro Verde-Santa Rosa porphyry copper-molybdenum deposits, Peru: Magmatic and hydrothermal evolution of adjacent systems

Ralph J. Stegen, Mark D. Barton, and Jerome A. Waegli

Geologic controls on hypogene mineralization at the Zaldívar porphyry copper-gold deposit, Escondida district, northern Chile

José Perelló, Aquiles González, and Cristian Monroy

Discovery, geologic setting, and controls on iron mineralization, South Flank, Western Australia

Joe Knight, Matthew Crowe, Caroline Perring, and Darren Stephens

A holistic model that combines igneous and magmatic-hydrothermal processes to explain Kiruna-type iron oxide—apatite deposits and iron oxide—copper—gold deposits as products of a single evolving ore system

Adam C. Simon, Jaayke Knipping, Martin Reich, Fernando Barra, Artur P. Deditius, Laura Bilenker, and Tristan Childress

Critical minerals and modern engineered materials

Rod Eggert

An overview of global critical metal resources: Current and future sources and implications for supply security

Simon Jowitt and Gavin Mudd

Application of new and borrowed technology to the exploration for lithium brine deposits

Patrick Highsmith and co-authors

The geology and economics of the Giant Molo Graphite Deposit, Southern Madagascar

Craig Scherba, Jean-Francois Montreuil, and C. Tucker Barrie