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    Sunday, September 23, 2018

    Plenary Sessions
    8:15am – 8:30am

    Welcoming remarks

    Stephen Enders, Conference Chair


    Recent Breakthroughs in Economic Geology

    Patrick Redmond, Teck

    8:30am – 9:00am

    Spatial periodicity in self-organized critical ore systems

    Nick Hayward (Invited Speaker)

    9:00am – 9:30am

    Discovery of the Tara deep Zn-Pb mineralization at the Boliden Tara Mine, Navan, Ireland

    John Ashton (SGA Invited Speaker)

    9:30am – 9:50am

    Application of zircons as a magmatic fertility proxy in global porphyry exploration

    Aldo Vasquez

    9:50am – 10:10am

    Alteration in gold systems and its significance in interpreting results from 3D seismic surveys

    Don Pridmore

    10:10am – 10:40am



    Integrating Geology, Geochemistry, and Geophysics

    Jon Woodhead, JAW Consulting

    10:40am – 11:10am

    3D uncertainty in contrasting geological scenarios

    Mark Jessell (Invited Speaker)

    11:10am – 11:35am

    Exploration success: Strategic elements, technology, and innovation

    François Robert (Invited Speaker), Rob Krcmarov

    11:35am – 12:00pm

    The making of a metal belt: insights from New Zealand's active accretionary orogen

    Julie Rowland

    12:00pm – 1:00pm



    Integrating Petroleum and Minerals Systems Approaches to Sedimentary Basins

    Richard Chuchla, University of Texas at Austin | Cam McCuaig, BHP

    1:00pm – 1:30pm

    The power of a systems approach to minerals and petroleum exploration in sedimentary basins

    Cam McCuaig (Invited Speaker)

    1:30pm – 1:55pm

    Processes controlling sedimentary basin resources

    Larry Cathles (Invited Speaker)

    1:55pm – 2:20pm

    Fluid flow around evolving salt structures and their influence on metal deposits

    Mike Hudec (Invited Speaker)

    2:20pm – 2:45pm

    Seawater evaporation and density-driven fluid flow: Fluid source and drive for the formation of sedex zinc-lead-silver deposits

    Poul Emsbo

    2:45pm – 3:10pm

    Fault-controlled fluid flow in sediment-hosted mineral deposits

    John Walsh (Invited Speaker)

    3:10pm – 3:40pm



    Societal Implications

    Stephen Enders

    3:40pm – 4:05pm

    MeTooMining - It is Time to Start the Conversation!

    Susan Lomas (Invited Speaker)

    4:05pm – 4:30pm

    Proposed mercury abatement and disposal at Donlin gold, Western Alaska: Geology, stakeholders, and mine permitting

    Ben Teschner


    SEG Distinguished Lecturer

    4:30pm – 5:10pm

    Fluid evolution and selective metal enrichment in magmatic-hydrothermal Cu-Au ore systems

    Christoph Heinrich (2018 SEG Distinguished Lecturer)

    Monday, September 24, 2018

    *Presenting author is a student

      Session 1 Session 2

    Technology and Energy Metals

    Simon Jowitt, UNLV | Patrick Highsmith, Pure Energy Minerals

    Mineral Exploration Footprints Project

    Michael Lesher, Laurentian University

    8:15am – 8:40am

    Critical minerals and modern engineered materials

    Roderick Eggert (Invited Speaker)

    Mineral exploration footprints project - Overview

    Michael Lesher (Invited Speaker)

    8:40am – 9:05am

    An overview of global critical metal resources: Current and future scenarios and implications for supply security

    Simon Jowitt (Invited Speaker), Gavin Mudd

    Footprints: Data integration methodologies and workflows

    Leonardo Feltrin (Invited Speaker)

    9:05am – 9:25am

    Iron deficiency and cobalt concentration in sediment-hosted copper deposits

    Isabel Barton

    Exploration footprint of the Highland Valley porphyry copper deposit

    Robert Lee (Invited Speaker)

    9:25am – 9:45am

    Isotopic constraints on ore-grade enrichment of rare earth elements in carbonatites: The Elk Creek carbonatite example

    Philip Verplanck

    Exploration footprint of the McArthur River and Millenium unconformity uranium deposits

    Kevin Ansdell (Invited Speaker)

    9:45am – 10:05am

    The geology and petrogenesis of the Earl Grey albite-spodumene pegmatite: Implications for mineralogical and geochemical zonation in rare-element pegmatites

    Ben Cerlienco

    Exploration footprint of the Canadian Malartic disseminated gold deposit

    Stephane Perrouty (Invited Speaker)

    10:05am – 10:35am


    10:35am – 11:00am

    Athabasca Basin uranium deposits – variations in footprints and exploration implications

    Alexandre Aubin

      Session 3 Session 4

    Infrastructure Metals

    Adam Simon, University of Michigan Ann Arbor | Caroline Perring, BHP

    Precious Metals

    Paul Bartos, AngloGold Ashanti

    10:35am – 11:00am  

    Archean gold: Lode deposits, silver isotopes, magmatic degassing, and early life on the Kaapvaal craton

    Christoph Heinrich (2018 SEG Distinguished Lecturer)

    11:00am – 11:25am

    Discovery, geologic setting and controls on iron mineralization, South Flank, Western Australia

    Caroline Perring

    The Archean Karagba-Chauffeur-Durba (KCD) gold deposit in the Kibali district, northeast Democratic Republic of Congo

    Carlos Vargas

    11:25am – 11:50am

    The geology and economics of the giant Molo graphite deposit, southern Madagascar

    Craig Scherba

    Redefining the timing of orogenic gold mineralization in the Guiana Shield: new U-Pb evidence from the Karouni gold deposits

    Michael Tedeschi*

    11:50am – 12:10pm

    A holistic model that combines igneous and magmatic-hydrothermal processes to explain Kiruna-type iron oxide-apatite deposits and iron-oxide-copper-gold deposits as products of a single evolving ore system

    Adam Simon (Invited Speaker)

    Discovery and geology of the Windfall Lake Gold Project

    Ruben Padilla

    12:10pm – 12:30pm

    The chemistry and textures of magnetite from the Candelaria IOCG deposit and Quince IOA prospect in the Chilean iron belt

    Maria Mustafa*

    Geology and genesis of the Coffee gold deposit, west-central Yukon Territory: Implications for the tectonic and metallogenic evolution of the North American Cordillera

    Kathryn MacWilliam*

    12:30pm – 1:30pm


      Session 5 Session 6

    Base Metals

    Wolf Schuh, Freeport | Cathy Knight, Khoemacau

    Precious Metals

    Paul Bartos, AngloGold Ashanti

    1:30pm – 2:00pm

    Impact of exhalative hydrothermal systems on marine chemistry: Applications for ore genesis and mineral exploration

    Poul Emsbo (Invited Speaker)

    The northern limb of the Bushveld Complex: A new economic frontier

    Judith Kinnaird (Invited Speaker), Iain McDonald

    2:00pm – 2:25pm

    Structural configuration of the Central African Copperbelt, with particular reference to the Congolese arm: Roles of evaporites in structural evolution, basin hydrology, and ore location

    David Selley (Invited Speaker)

    Anhydrite assimilation by Bushveld ultramafic melts and its ore-petrological consequences

    Marina Yudovskaya (Invited Speaker)

    2:25pm – 2:45pm

    Regional to deposit scale controls on base metal mineralization in the Kalahari Copper Belt, Botswana defined by detailed lithostratigraphy and magnetic lithostratigraphy

    Wes Hall (Invited Speaker)

    Magmatic and tectonic constraints on the formation of the unique PGE-Cu-Ni Norilsk deposits, Siberian Trap province

    Nadezhda Krivolutskaya (Invited Speaker)

    2:45pm – 3:05pm

    The importance of hydrocarbon-water interaction in sedimentary-hosted ore deposits

    Nicole Hurtig

    Genetic links between the development of extensional basins and the formation of low sulfidation epithermal deposits

    Justin Milliard*

    3:05pm – 3:35pm


    3:35pm – 3:55pm

    Segmented fault arrays and their control on Irish Zn-Pb deposits

    John Guven

    Geology of the Esperanza gold skarn deposit, Morelos, Mexico

    Jeffrey Edelen


    Speed Talks 1

    Thematic - Magmatic-Associated BM, IOCG, G3

    David Broughton, Stephen Enders


    Geoscience Education Forum

    Vicki McConnell, GSA

    3:55pm – 4:00pm

    From arc magmas to ores (FAMOS): A multidisciplinary research project Investigating porphyry ore genesis in subduction zones

    Jamie Wilkinson

    3:55pm – 4:00pm


    Vicki McConnell

    4:00pm – 4:05pm

    Metals and volatiles partitioning during protracted magma differentiation from the deep to upper crust

    Oliver Higgins*

    4:00pm – 4:15pm

    The pipeline problem

    Heather Houlton, AGI

    4:05pm – 4:10pm

    Porphyry-style alteration and vein types of the Far Southeast porphyry Cu-Au deposit, Mankanyan district, Philippines

    Michael Calder

    4:15pm – 4:30pm

    MGSS standards: Challenge/opportunity

    David Thesenga, Dawson School, CO

    4:10pm – 4:15pm

    What lies beneath; Mapping conductive zones within porphyry copper systems

    Ken Witherly

    4:30pm – 4:45pm

    Industry solutions

    Samuel Moore, GeoForce, Austin, TX

    4:15pm – 4:20pm

    White mica geochemistry of the Copper Cliff porphyry Cu deposit: Insights from a vectoring tool applied to exploration

    Camilo Uribe Mogollon*

    4:45pm – 5:00pm

    Professional society solutions

    Dean Moosavi, GSA

    4:20pm – 4:25pm

    Using geochemistry and B-isotopes of hydrothermal tourmaline and mica to trace metals and fluid sources in the world-class Panasqueira W-Sn-Cu deposit (Portugal)

    Marta Codeço*

    5:00pm – 5:15pm

    Panel discussion

    4:25pm – 4:30pm


    4:30pm – 4:35pm

    Rare earth element minerals and their compositional variation in the Olympic Dam deposit, South Australia

    Danielle Schmandt*

    4:35pm – 4:40pm

    Controls on VMS ore-forming processes in ancient successions — a study of the Cambro-Ordovician Ming VMS deposit, Newfoundland Appalachians, Canada

    Jean-Luc Pilote

    4:40pm – 4:45pm

    Structural controls and hydrothermal alteration of the Cascavel and Sertão gold deposits, Goiás, central Brazil

    Jessica Bogossian*

    4:45pm – 4:50pm

    Integrated approaches to the temporal, spatial, thermal, and geochemical evolution of the Chilean iron belt

    Mark Barton

    4:50pm – 4:55pm

    Iron oxide copper gold mineralization formed during transpression, Candelaria-Punta del Cobre district, northern Chile

    Irene del Real Contreras*

    4:55pm – 5:00pm

    Elemental trends in criticality studies

    Sarah Hayes

    5:00pm – 5:05pm

    Seismic exploration for orogenic gold in Western Australia: Identifying midcrustal controls through to drill targeting with 3D seismic

    Greg Turner

    5:05pm – 5:10pm

    Use of ambient noise surface wave tomography in mineral resource exploration and evaluation

    Dan Hollis

    5:10pm – 5:15pm

    Lithospheric magnetotelluric imaging for regional mineral resource exploration

    Benjamin Murphy*


    Tuesday, September 25, 2018

    *Presenting author is a student

      Session 7 Session 8

    Integrating Petroleum and Minerals Systems Approaches to Sedimentary Basins

    Richard Chuchla, University of Texas at Austin | Cam McCuaig, BHP

    Base Metals

    Wolf Schuh, Freeport-McMoRan | Cathy Knight, Khoemacau

    8:15am – 8:40am

    Carlin-type mineralization in a sequence stratigraphic context

    Richard Chuchla (Invited Speaker), Kevin Bohacs

    Cerro Verde-Santa Rosa porphyry copper-molybdenum deposits, Peru: Magmatic and hydrothermal evolution of adjacent systems

    Ralph Stegen (Invited Speaker), Mark Barton

    8:40am – 9:05am

    Yikes, My source rock is now my reservoir - The strange underworld of unconventional hydrocarbons

    Quinn Passey (Invited Speaker)

    Geologic controls on hypogene mineralization at the Zaldivar porphyry copper-gold deposit, Escondida district, northern Chile

    José Perelló (Invited Speaker)

    9:05am – 9:25am

    Basin dynamics and geochemistry during deposition of the Neoproterozoic Rapitan iron formation (northwestern Canada)

    Elizabeth Turner

    Characteristics of intrusion-related copper-bearing tourmaline breccia pipes

    Douglas Kirwin

    9:25am – 9:45am

    Geology of the Kakanda deposits, DRC

    Helen Twigg*

    Use and limitations of zircon compositions during exploration for intrusion-centered deposits

    Keiko Hattori

    9:45am – 10:05am

    Geochemistry of fluid inclusions, sequence stratigraphy, and geophysics refine exploration priorities for sediment-hosted copper deposits in the 1.1 Ga Midcontinent Rift

    Jeff Mauk

    The Exploration and Evaluation of Copper Heap Leach-SXEW Deposits: Why Geologists should Manage the Process

    John Dreier

    10:05am – 10:25am

    Basin-scale fluid flow and alteration associated with the White Pine Cu-Ag deposit, Michigan, USA

    Simon Jones*

    Arizona Mining's Taylor deposit – A world-class zinc, lead, and silver discovery

    Don Taylor

    10:25am – 10:55am


      Session 9 Session 10

    Integrating Geology, Geochemistry, and Geophysics

    Jon Woodhead, JAW Consulting

    Precious Metals

    Paul Bartos, AngloGold Ashanti

    10:55am – 11:20am

    Integration of regional to deposit scale geological, geochemical, and geophysical data from Mesoproterozoic IOA-IOCG systems on the SE margin of Laurentia

    Albert Hofstra

    Core and rim textures of Carlin-type pyrite – key discriminators of a new discovery?

    Jean Cline

    11:20am – 11:45am

    Dismantling geo-silos: An integrated model for Cu porphyry in the Quesnel terrane, British Columbia

    Rebecca Montsion

    Gold mineralization in the Rain-Railroad district, southern Carlin trend, Nevada: Investigation into shallow Carlin-type and intrusion-related gold deposits

    Elizabeth Hollingsworth*

    11:45am – 12:10pm

    Integrating Geophysical and Geochemical Data to Understand the Relationships Between Geodynamics, Volcanism, and Massive Sulfide Formation in Back-Arc Basins

    Melissa Anderson

    Ore-forming mechanisms at the Sangilo epithermal deposit, Baguio mineral district, Philippines: Insights from paragenetic and fluid inclusion studies of the Taka Barr vein

    Karl Jabagat

    12:10pm – 12:30pm

    Predictive modelling applied to country-scale mineral exploration: From theory to practice

    Jean-Marc Lulin

    A relay ramp extensional structural style for the Paleozoic epithermal Bayan Khundii gold project, Gobi Desert, Mongolia

    Armelle Kloppenburg

    12:30pm – 1:30pm



    Speed Talks 2

    Thematic - Metals and Processes in Basins

    David Broughton

    Speed Talks 3

    Thematic - Au

    Stephen Enders

    1:30pm – 1:35pm

    Critical element accumulations within black shales: selenium, tellurium and cobalt enrichment during the Neoproterozoic atmospheric oxygenation event

    Joseph Armstrong*

    Defining the carbonate alteration footprint of the Cortez Hills Carlin-type gold deposit, Nevada, using 13C and 18O stable isotopes and geochemistry as an exploration tool

    Christopher Herron*

    1:35pm – 1:40pm

    Architecture of Neoproterozoic carbonate host rocks underlies the distribution of Zn-and Cu ore at Kipushi (DRC) and Gayna River (Canada)

    Elizabeth Turner

    Palinspastic restoration of the dismembered Roberts Mountains thrust, northern Shoshone Range, Nevada: Implications for exploration of concealed Carlin-type deposits

    Carson Richardson

    1:40pm – 1:45pm

    Structural Geology of the Kansanshi Cu-Au Deposit, Northwestern Province, Zambia

    Timothy MacIntyre*

    Temporal and spatial constraints on Carlin-type gold deposits at the Pequop Mountains, Nevada

    Ajeet Milliard*

    1:45pm – 1:50pm

    Bitumen-bearing stratabound Cu-(Ag) deposits in northern-central Chile: An active role for liquid hydrocarbons?

    Andrea Herazo*

    Hydrothermal features in siliciclastic-volcanic rocks above carbonate-hosted high-grade ore at the Turquoise Ridge Carlin-type gold deposit

    Robert Johnson*

    1:50pm – 1:55pm

    3D mineral footprints of an undercover sediment-hosted polymetallic Abra ore system, Western Australia

    Heta Lampinen*

    Distal disseminated gold mineralization in the Hunjiang Basin, Jilin province, China: The White Mountain sediment-hosted gold deposit

    Halley Keevil*

    1:55pm – 2:00pm

    Role of Jurassic salt tectonics in the structural shaping of MVT Pb-Zn deposits and hydrocarbon traps in Peru, and implications for exploration

    Raúl Berrospi*

    Controls on epithermal gold-silver mineralization and alteration at the Gravel Creek Deposit, Elko County, Nevada

    Nicholas Hillemeyer*

    Session 11

    Looking to the Future

    John Thompson (Cornell University), Lluís Fontboté (Geneva)

    3:30pm – 3:45pm

    Introduction and presentation of Awards for Student Presenters

    John Thompson, Regina Baumgartner

    3:45pm – 5:05pm

    Who will be doing grassroots exploration and what will they be doing?

    Charles Funk (Invited Speaker)

    4:05pm – 4:25pm

    How far can we go to maximize value through mine/project exploration?

    Pablo Mejia (Invited Speaker)

    4:25pm – 4:45pm

    How will we characterize ore bodies from day one and deliver value?

    Regina Baumgartner (Invited Speaker)

    4:45pm – 5:05pm

    The future of geoscience in exploration? Holistic skills to harness the rising technological tide

    Elizabeth Sharman

    5:05pm – 5:25pm

    What will academic and government research look like and how will it benefit exploration?

    Murray Hitzman (Invited Speaker)

    5:25pm – 5:30pm

    Closing comments

    Lluis Fontboté


    Conference closing remarks

    Stephen Enders, SEG 2018 Conference Chair